Begin now. Begin doing what you want to do now.

“We are not living in eternity. We only have this moment sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.” 

If you could begin anything – what would it be? Who would you serve? If you were to be only remembered by what you’re doing now… would that be enough? Maybe you’re meant for more?

  • Look at all the things you’re thankful for – what’s missing from that list?
  • Consider all those you already serve – what else could you do to add value to those special people?
  • Is there a talent you have that you haven’t been using? Maybe it’s time to begin. Again.

Today is a good day to begin doing what you want to do in life: in your career, in your personal life, in your relationships and in becoming the person you’ve been created to be.

Begin now. 



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Our moments melt like a snowflake - we need to begin doing what we want to do now - from a Francis Bacon Quote














Begin now - the moments melt like snowflakes - we need to make the most of each moment.