30 Days of Hymns – this was my September personal challenge to do something consistently over a 30-day time period.

To practice this skill, I chose to tailor my social media posts on Facebook to map with our church’s small group exploration of the book, “Sing!: How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church” by Keith & Kristen Getty. We are looking at what makes singing as a group so powerful – and necessary.

Below are the songs. I need to say a big “thank you!” for the help from friends on Facebook who shared their favorites. It was poignant to read the comments on all the hymns. And fun to know that most people, as they read the lyrics, were actually singing them in their own mind. See – it doesn’t matter whether you have a “good” voice – your heart knows how to praise through music!

With this in mind, if you don’t know the listed hymn, I encourage you to use YouTube to find a video. And if you find reading the Bible intimidating, reading hymn lyrics is an easy way to orient yourself toward God’s Word, as most hymns have direct Scripture references.

Hymns are inherently positive!

Many in this list of 30 are old, old songs – and a few are from the songstress Fanny Crosby. Below the list, you’ll find images to correspond. Feel free to use them for your own, if one is a favorite. (I used CanvaPro to create each image.)

Want some ideas to challenge yourself next month? Read 31 ideas/options: click HERE.

(PS – I’ve begun a new personal challenge to send 31 snail mail cards to connect with others. This corresponds to #15 on the list!)

Here’s the list of 30 hymns:

  1. Great is Thy Faithfulness
  2. Just as God Leads Me
  3. In the Garden
  4. The Lord is my Light
  5. It is well with my soul
  6. Soul Arise, I must be telling
  7. Striving Onward, Pressing Forward
  8. Come Share the Lord
  9. I Praise God’s Love in Adoration
  10. Never Give Up
  11. How Great Thou Art
  12. Blessed Assurance
  13. As the Deer
  14. Mighty the Showers of Blessing
  15. Instruments of Your Peace
  16. Star to Which I’m Looking
  17. We will keep our faith alive
  18. In moments like these
  19. Be Thou My Vision
  20. Jesus Loves me
  21. Here I am Lord
  22. Forth, Forth My Heart to Heaven
  23. Behold Oh How Pleasant
  24. More Precious Than Silver
  25. In Over My Head – Bethel / Jenn Johnson
  26. Our God is an Awesome God
  27. Sanctuary
  28. Our hearts sing with joy
  29. Oh, Sanctified Sunday
  30. At the Living Altar

And the images: