Gratitude Arises from Paying Attention

Gratitude Arises from Paying Attention

Gratitude arises from paying attention.

How often do we go through our day in auto-pilot? 

I’m going to guess, and suggest that all of us are quite susceptible to not noticing the little things in life that could give us pleasure. What do I mean?

  • a child’s squeal of joy
  • the deep, comforting aroma and warmth of the coffee in your hands
  • the feel of the soft sweater we’re pulling on to ward off the chill
  • the tweet of a bird or rustling of leaves
  • the refreshing taste of a pick-me-up cup of peppermint tea or an iced glass of Coke
  • the cool sweetness of frozen yogurt
  • the glorious sight of a sunrise or sunset
  • the smile from our parents – whether on a photo or in person
  • an enveloping hug from a friend
  • words of encouragement from a co-worker
  • the chorus of a favorite song
  • the fragrance of a coveted hand cream
  • pulling the covers up to your chin and snuggling down into the bed at night
  • the stars, twinkling up above
  • the varying color of leaves as they emerge in spring or fall in autumn or shelter in summer
  • the feel of your favorite spot – in a chair or on your couch
  • the opening strains of a favorite television show (I still get excited when I hear the theme song from Star Trek.)
  • your beloved’s voice on a phone message
  • walking out into the sunshine
  • the smell of rain after days and days of heat
  • the crunch of freshly popped popcorn
  • pretty shoes
  • a good hair day
  • the opening credits of a movie you’ve longed to see (especially in the theatre)
  • someone who smiles at you

I could go on and on and on…

What are the small items you’re likely to ignore or take for granted? 

Today – pay attention.

And then give thanks for all those little items after you’ve noticed them. They’re all a part of a wonderful life!



PS – if you feel someone could use a bit of encouragement today, tell them all the little things they do that you’re thankful for! Then share this post to pass on the positivity!

gratitude arises from paying attention - live a life filled with thankfulness by noticing all the tiny things

Gratitude arises from paying attention - #thanksliving #thankfulness