Imagine a still body of water. You throw a rock into that water. What happens?

Where the rock lands in the water there are ripples that move outwards. The stillness is impacted by the stone landing in the water and continues outward.

Your Accomplishments cause ripples - and it matters.

That’s true of your accomplishments.

Even the smallest accomplishment causes a ripple in your environment. Just like a small stone causes a ripple, so does a small accomplishment.

Are there things you do that you dismiss as too small?

Be thankful for even your smallest accomplishments.

The most mundane, the most easy, the most repetitive.

They all matter.

And you can be thankful you have the ability to accomplish them.

Make a list of all you’ve accomplished today…

The smallest things you’ve done will make a difference: a smile, making dinner, a load of laundry put away, responding when the phone rang, praying for that person, preparing for the meeting tomorrow, and…

Remember – ripples happen. What you do impacts others. You matter.

Carry on… and be thankful you can! Even the small things you do matter.

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