I’m guessing that’s a “yes”, since you’re reading this.  But HOW?  Some of us aren’t born optimists, but rather need practical ways to make it happen.

Do you want to be more optimistic?

7 Practical Ways to be more Optimistic

1 - Be Thankful

Being thankful focuses your mind on what is good and lovely in life. Optimists are aware and can list these things.

Being optimistic in a practical way means we surround ourselves with people who have the ability to encourage. Encouraging people are positive-focused.

2 - Be Encouraged

3 - Encourage Others

Optimistic people have a view much greater than their own tiny circle. Reach out to encourage others and increase your own optimism.

4 - Set Achievable Goals

Optimists are focused on making a difference – especially in small, useful ways.

Optimists know that everything takes time – because nothing happens unless they take action.

5 - Take Action

6 - Be Held Accountable

Optimists know they will fail. But they expect themselves to keep failing forward. And they know they need help to do that!

7 - LOVE

An optimistic person can and does love. Because he or she understands that the more love they demonstrate, the more there will be to give. Love is endless – there’s no way to run out of love if your source is greater than yourself.