Resources For the senior ladies we love… and for us too!

UPLIFT – resources


YouTube Channel to Enrich

Videos to engage and encourage older women to look at life optimistically.

Fun stories, good-hearted experiences, quotes, beautiful images, and ideas to shape an optimistic outlook on life, regardless of age and stage, or physical and mental challenges. 

Go to YouTube and see – 

GO Helen

Newsletter to Uplift

Information & ideas for you and me –  us!

Yes, this stage in our senior loved one’s life isn’t easy for them or us!

This newsletter is in development and will provide answers to the questions you’re asking and ideas to meet the needs of this stage of life. Feeling confused, concerned and without a clue of how to handle things? That’s what this newsletter will address.

launch date is August 2023… fill in the form below to get on the waiting list –

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Gifts for an Optimistic Woman

Ideas and links to gifts for the special senior woman in our life.

They’re at the stage and age collecting “things” isn’t practical, but they still love to receive a good gift – one that shows them they’re thought of and valued greatly.

Suggestions are coming… stay tuned.

PS – I’m showcasing some of these ideas on the GOHelen YouTube channel…

This part of “PositiveThanksLiving” has grown out of my own life and the age and stage my mother is in. I’m an only child, my mother lives 500+ miles away in another country, and I’m grieving the “long goodbye” as her life and memory have narrowed significantly. How can I add value to her? How can I feel connected even though distance separates us – especially as her dementia increases…  How can I help her to feel valued and loved? Yes.  Lots of questions. And I’m determined to find answers – for all of us!  I’d love to hear from your experiences of what’s worked for you! Reach out to me via email – Lori @ Big Picture Practical . com 

This photo is from 2019 when my mom was still living on her own. Her name is Helen. Everything I’m creating is from the perspective of someone who loves a lady who is dealing with aging. That’s what is going into the newsletter… it’s meant to UPLIFT me and you!