The whole. The sum. Add up the details and you’ll find your whole life. Details make up your life. Little things. Begin to pay attention to the details of your life.

Change one detail at a time to build a life that’s a whole lot more. Details make up the whole.

  • smells, sights, sounds – what could you add or replace to build a better whole?
  • inspiring people: who can you follow on social media that will add to your life something special? Who will you no longer listen to? It’s up to you – you’re in control.
  • where will you go for ideas? What are you reading and watching? What is filling your brain? Examine what you can add or replace to introduce ideas of peace, or joy, or wonder or inspiration or hope?

Little details make up your whole life…

Examine the details for clues on how to make each moment of your life more… and that’ll add up…

Details make up the whole of your life - what needs to be added or replaced?

What you see above begins with pinholes in the paper. It gets better with colorful embroidery floss and a needle. And then one stitch at a time something pretty shows up, till the whole project has a purpose.

That’s just like our lives…

Where and what we choose to put into each little spot determines our outcome. Right now I’m occupying some of my time with a few items that make up the whole:

  • writing words. One word at a time. (Yes, still working on a resource for you to make it easier to tell your friends how thankful you are for them.)
  • playing piano. One note at a time. Trying to get all the notes right to make a beautiful sound together.
  • making and crafting. One item on a page to make a whole that’s pleasing to the eye.
  • packaging and sending. One person at a time to try to bring a smile to their heart even in this COVID mess.
  • caring. For Rob – trying to speak his love language. And one grand at a time. (Usually. It’s easier.) Meeting the needs of our lovely little granddaughter and an amazing grandson.
  • eating. One good thing at a time. Replacing sugar and processed carbohydrates to make a better whole. (And there’s a whole lot of me. LOL)
  • watching and reading. Replacing everything I take in with something that’ll make my heart lighter and more optimistic. We watched this movie with our adult children and smiled together. Good message about what really matters in life. And… this is the daily devotional I’m re-reading to keep my thoughts centered on what really matters.

What are your details?

What needs to be added – or replaced to make the whole thing much better?