Thankful for old experiences, stuff and… you knew this was coming, right? After all, we just thought about what new things, people and experiences we value!

Of course, we need to also record those long-time precious parts of our life!


Who in your life has stood by your side for a long time? Perhaps they’ve already passed into eternity, but you know they’re still interested in you and love you from there. Make a list. Think through all your life stages… childhood, teen years, as a young adult and beyond. You’re going to find certain people have played a part in your life for years and years. Others have popped in and out again… they all have great value. Be thankful for those old friends and mentors.

Thankful for old experiences…

What experiences have you had on an ongoing basis?

  • Perhaps it’s as simple as baking (or eating) the same Christmas cookies year after year… the familiar taste, smell, and love wrapped up in something sweet.
  • Consider the traditions in your life... what part of those experiences do you treasure?
  • What about performances? Do you play an instrument? Or sing? Each year, from my earliest memories, we had a Christmas program at our church and in larger and smaller ways I participated over the years. (One year I even made a small dent in my stash of fabric to make costumes for the children…) The experiences surrounding Christmas Programs at church hold many ways I feel thankful. Somewhere in storage, there’s a box of Christmas music… I need to pull it out for our grands.
  • And reading and re-reading the same book over again. Maybe it’s a children’s book you’ve read to your children and now to your grandchildren. Maybe it’s a book you revisit each year at a certain time… The experience of refreshing those particular words becomes part of who you are as a person… (For example, this is a book I recommend to everyone for its tongue-in-cheek style that prompts me to examine my own negative tendencies as a disciple of Christ.)

In addition, consider past experiences, those once-in-a-lifetime events, which will never show up again. Be thankful for those special moments also.


Old stuff. Be thankful for all the old stuff in your life. New is great, but sometimes that special blanket, or dish, or cup that’s been a part of your life from youth onward has great memories. I just came back from my mother’s home. She’s sorting through her stuff and it’s really hard to let go of all the stuff with good memories.

To combat some of her (and my) melancholy I’ve begun a new hobby – Junk Journaling. (Crafting a book using recycled, found and memorable items used to record ideas, quotes, memories, etc.) I’m incorporating things like the cards from my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, some fabrics from worn-out linens, and more into this new art form.

Thankfulfor Old... these cards are from 1983 - my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. My mother kept them and it's time to let them go - but I'll use the images in future journals.
Thankful for Old… these cards are from 1983
– my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.
My mother kept the cards but now it’s time to let them go.
To honor my grandparents and those people who wished them well,
I’ll use the images in future “junk” journals I’ll be making…

I can’t keep all the stuff – but I can be thankful for it as I use bits and pieces!

What about you?

What long-term people, experiences and things are you thankful for in your life?

Take note! Write them down.

Thankful for old - all the experiences-people-stuff - #30daysofthankfulness

There’s such value in watching the process of a thankful journal take shape…

Need a new way to record your thankfulness?

Try this simple Gratitude journal to list those items for which you’re thankful each day.

Thankful for Old - Daily Gratitude Journal - simple way to collect and see all you're grateful for - #30DaysofThankfulness
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Or, if you want to read, consider and focus in greater depth, then this other Gratitude focused book called “One Thousand Gifts Devotional: Reflections on Finding Everyday Graces” is wonderful. It’s written in a lyrical style with lots to “chew” on and space at the end of each devotional to write your own thoughts. (I’m a fan of this author.)

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Here a few more prompts from this series: