Reminder? I have a number of photos from my history that, when I look at them, a huge sense of thankfulness wells up. They’re a reminder of all the good in my past…

One is a photo of my grandparents. They’d been living in a tent for a year as they cleared land and built a house in Northern Ontario, Canada. They were city people, transplanted with their 10-year-old son (my father) to the wilderness. They read books to learn how to farm. That photo humbles me and fills me with gratitude. Would I have had the courage it took to do that? And when I reflect on how I’ve benefited because of their sacrifices… it humbles me. And fills me with great thankfulness.

Another photo I have is of our children when we were homeschooling. It represents the freedom to learn and to come-and-go as we needed. I’m thankful for that time with them.

What photos are you thankful you have as a reminder of something good?

And maybe what you’re thankful for are not photos.

Maybe the reminder is a letter, or a drawing or a knick-knack… My mom moved from her apartment and so many of the items would not have been precious to you or me, however what was important to her were the memories attached to each item that reminded her of the people who gave them to her.


What would you grab if you needed to leave your home quickly because of a natural disaster? What reminder is too precious to be without – not because it has a monetary value, but because it makes you feel thankful?

Make a list if there’s more than one reminder…

Many times our feeling of thankfulness can be increased if we consider why we have the items we own… they may be reminders!

thankful for a reminder

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