Challenges. We’ve all had them. Life is challenge.

They’re either something we use to push ourselves forward or we are determined never to repeat them. Ever!


How can we be thankful for a challenge?

From every challenge we’ve ever experienced, there is something to gather: a sense of gratitude.

Rob and I have gone through some challenges in life – things we would have chosen never to go through, yet couldn’t avoid.

There were other challenges that we sought – and would seek again if given the opportunity.

Most parts of a challenge are not fun. At all.

But challenges are worthwhile.

Sometimes you know the worth of the challenge up front:

  • marriage is a challenge – but what a great value!
  • children can be amazing challenges
  • an education brings many challenges to help you grow

And then there are times when a challenge seems like it’s worthless, yet what you learn going through it has value:

  • illness
  • financial troubles
  • relationship conflict

So, regardless of the perceived quality of the challenge, which challenges could you be thankful you endured?

Maybe you came through the challenge and are on the other side right now so you know – fully – the worth of what you experienced…

Perhaps you’re still in the middle of the challenge and there’s no end in sight…


Take a close and deep look at all the challenges you’ve had in life and be thankful for how you’ve grown through them…

Thankful for the growth through challenges!

And maybe part of documenting them is explaining exactly why you’re thankful.

thankful for a challenge

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