If positivity is contagious, are you waiting to “catch” it from someone else… or are you a carrier?

I read a little blurb about a cashier who was consistently optimistic in her attitude.

For some people, when they met and interacted with her, it improved their day. For other customers and co-workers, her attitude was almost annoying. In fact, sometimes she was so positive that it grated on those around her like fingernails on a chalkboard…

Some wondered how she could sustain this behavior. Surely her life wasn’t that much better than others?

Her secret was eventually revealed as simply being a choice. She made a daily choice to have a “good” day, and that decision translated into this ongoing optimism.

Not everything is going to be good in your day. However, your own attitude is under your control.

Will you choose to pass onto others something good?

Consider who can benefit from your healthy attitude… Is it worth the energy to impact everyone around you in a positive way? And if so…

Is your positivity contagious?

Will you decide that today is going to be good day – regardless?