Mirror what you admire.

Sometimes we have a vague idea of areas in which we’d like to improve or grow in, but that desire just simmers on a back burner. We haven’t become specific enough. We don’t turn up the heat to become more of the person God has designed us to become. A clue to what you might want to pursue lies in who you admire.

Who do you admire? What about that person do you admire? Which characteristics – physical, mental or spiritual – would you like to add to who you are?

5 steps to steal with your eyes.

Here’s a quick exercise to pick out one aspect to mirror from a person you admire. 

  1. Choose one person you admire.
  2. Concentrate on that one person.
  3. Make a list (on paper or your device) of the physical, mental, spiritual characteristics they embody – those attributes you admire.
  4. Beside each characteristic describe one way they outwardly show (what they do) to demonstrate this thing you admire.
  5. How can you adopt or adapt their action into your life?

Will you adapt or adopt what’s in the mirror?

Sometimes we can’t adopt the specific way a person we admire does something. Perhaps they’re younger or older, have more income to spend, are in better physical health, live somewhere we don’t live, or they possess something else we don’t currently have. Sure – there are barriers. Being strategically optimistic means we acknowledge the barriers.


Just because we can’t mirror exactly what we admire, doesn’t mean we can’t mirror an adaptation.

Consider the ways in which you can take the list of what you admire and create an adaptation to those actions in your life.

What small transformation will you make today?

Adapt and mirror what you admire! Let’s turn up the heat.



PS – My mirroring will be to adapt something a pastor I’m familiar with does. He goes on a daily “prayer” walk and reaches out on social media to ask people if they’d like him to pray for them while he walks. “Just” going for a walk has never appealed to me, but if I connect prayer to this walking, then it has some appeal!

This pastor’s action caught Robert and my attention because it is a wonderful way to do three things:  to pray, to get a little exercise and be held accountable. 😉  If you know me personally, you realize that I need to move more – so this is a healthy transformation/adaptation I’m seeking. I’ll be posting my “prayer- walk” time on Facebook just like this pastor does. If you’d like me to pray for you while I walk, reach out! You’ll hold me accountable.  And if I can help you in your adapt/adopt mirroring, let me know!

mirror what you admire - even if it's an adaptation of what you see