Healthy looks different on everyone.

Just like those celebrities who appear on the red carpet wearing the same dress, yet don’t look alike at all, “healthy” is made up of different aspects for each person. Obviously, we all need to consume food, sleep and breathe – but there are a great number of activities with many options to demonstrate our health.

Have you determined what “healthy” looks like on you?

Remember – HEALTH has many aspects! Just consider, if you were “healthy”…

  • what activities would you be involved in?
  • what food would be on your plate at the next meal?
  • what topics/ideas would you be discussing with your friends?
  • what would you be drinking?
  • when would you have time to pray and ponder?
  • how much of your day or week would you be working?
  • when would you go to bed, and when would you wake?
  • when would you be pondering and experiencing God’s Word?
  • when would you be visiting your doctor and for what?
  • how often would you be experiencing fellowship with other Christ followers?
  • which fruit, vegetables and protein would you eat every week?
  • what would your environment look like? Would you add or delete anything?
  • from those already in your life, who would give you a hug, a shoulder rub, a pat on the back?
  • who would be both affirming and challenging your choices?
  • who would be encouraging you?
  • how would you document all you’re thankful for?
  • what would be on your phone or computer?
  • how much time would you spend watching TV/movies?
  • how often would you be outside, beside water, hiking, or just smelling the roses?
  • what would your environment look like if you were comfortable?
  • who would cry with you?
  • who would be around your table if you were serving a celebratory meal?
  • what would you snack on?
  • how would you relax – where, doing what, with whom?

Take a few moments and answer some of these questions.

What does healthy look like on you - use these questions to build vision of a your own personal health - #optimism #health #positive #thanksliving

Begin to draw an outline, a blueprint, of what healthy looks like on you!

If you want to go more in-depth, then download and print a PDF with the questions. Day dream – fill in the blanks to create a plan for your healthy life – make it unique for you!