Giving your thanks indiscriminately – be thankful and share that attitude without judgment -everywhere! I challenge you…

This is especially fun if someone isn’t helping you at the moment but is actively making a difference in where/what they’re doing.

Notice, and say “thank you”!

It costs nothing to say “thank you” to those who serve:

  • the cashier at the grocery store
  • a barista who is making coffee
  • your spouse, for all he or she contributes to your life together
  • a trash collector
  • your children for making you smile
  • the shelf-stocker in a store
  • friends who you value
  • city employees who beautify the surroundings
  • the mail-carrier
  • a delivery person
  • health care providers
  • pizza delivery people
  • and anyone who is active in their profession…

Make a habit of throwing out “thank-you”s indiscriminately!

In the book, “A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed My Life”, in amongst other revelations, John Kralik set out to write 365 “Thank You” notes.

He, of course, wrote to all the significant people in his life, but quickly needed other options. I remember chuckling as he described writing a thank-you note to the person who would receive a bill he was paying… Imagine their surprise!

Are you playing?

If you’re playing the 30 Days of Thankfulness – writing down all you’re grateful for in one place – then make this an entry:

Record all those friends or strangers where you said “thank-you” to today!

Here are some of the other prompts: