Give thanks for your safety. Really?

Last year, when I wrote the original post on being thankful for your safety, we hadn’t yet experienced all the unrest and protest that 2020 has brought to the USA. We also had no idea we’d be feeling so vulnerable because of a global pandemic.

It all makes feeling safe more difficult.

If we let it.

Give thanks for your safety.

And yet. Yet…

We can continue to be thankful for being safe.


Consider lifeguards and paramedics. Think of the coast guard and fire-fighters.

Look around at the teachers and pre-school caregivers who are involved in their student’s lives. Even if it’s primarily online, their caring and concern have grown as they navigate this new way of imparting knowledge.

Your ministers and congregations are still praying for you and welcoming you to worship with them in whatever manner is possible…

Nurses and doctors and aides and phlebotomists and elder-care specialists and loving family members and the Red Cross and, nutritionists and psychiatrists and pharmacists and … We are surrounded by health care focused people who stand ready to meet our needs if we’re feeling less than well.

If you called for help you’d find someone responding. Call 911 in the USA and Canada – and 999 in the UK – or 000 in Australia – and in many countries, emergency numbers previously used also continue to be available; e.g. 061 and 112 in Spain, 999 and 112 both function in Ireland and the UK. In the United States, some carriers will map the number 112 to the emergency number 911…

Someone will answer.

Your safety – my safety – everyone’s safety continues to matter.


And we all can be that person to reach out to help if someone around us needs a sense of safety. Are you ready to respond?

Let’s be thankful. Not critical.

Give thanks for your safety. For our safety.

Give thanks for your safety - just think of all those who are ready to answer your call. Maybe you can be someone who responds when others are feeling unsafe...

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