Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you.

Face the sunshine.

What does “face the sunshine” mean? I think it embodies what we’re doing at Positive ThanksLiving!

  • Knowing that we are loved by the One who created us.
  • Being thankful for all we already have – living a grateful life.
  • Encouraging others and being encouraged ourselves.
  • Facing forward toward the goals we’ve set!

Being strategically optimistic isn’t ignoring the shadows in life, rather it’s focusing on moving forward.

Strategic Optimism

Shadows – setbacks and issues – are always present in life. But we don’t need to keep looking at them! We can address the shadows if they’re addressable and then turn back to the sunshine and move forward.

Face the Sunshine

Where’s your sunshine? 

As a Christ-follower, my source of light is God. When the shadows start to creep into my heart, mind, and soul, I turn to my Savior. All the setbacks and satan can be behind me if I’m facing toward Him.

So – where’s your sunshine?



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