Invite someone to join you inside.

Invite someone to join you inside.

Give thanks for all the areas where you’re on the “inside”. Now, invite someone else inside also!

“On the inside.”

What does this term mean to you? It’s probably not about being indoor or outdoor… rather it’s a carry-over from our days in a school or institution.

When Rob and I stopped into a Christian bookstore, one book I leafed through was called, “We Saved You a Seat – Bible Study Book: Finding and Keeping Lasting Friendships” by Lisa-Jo Baker. One of the many statements that stood out to me was about being dissatisfied where we are…

“The thing we don’t realize in highschool, and sometimes we still haven’t learned during the mini-van driving years, is that everyone is on the outside of something.

But that is only half the story.

We are all, each one of us, also on the inside of something

— often without even realizing it.” 

Think of the relationships you have with people.

Are you thankful for those you are already connected to?

Maybe if we stop comparing ourselves

in our perceived “in” or “out” spot,

and began giving thanks,

inviting and encouraging others to join us,

our lives would hold more joy…

That’s my thought… what does this bring up in you?

Some of us might find making new friends easy. Some of us might feel daunted.

I’m guessing we might share some discouragement from the past – being or not being part of a group for !oh! so many reasons. Is it time to leave that discomfort behind?

We are all adults now.

And yet…

Being candid, that’s one reason I picked up the book from where today’s Positivity Prompt originates. Friendship amongst women has its ups and downs. It shouldn’t. But it does.

We all need to practice forgiveness, overlooking hurts, and serving each other. 

And where some believe this topic is only for teens, consider again. If you’ve ever moved to a new city/state and began forging friendships anew, you might be revisiting some of the issues you felt when you were a teen.

Friendship… making friends and feeling on the “inside/outside” can be difficult.

So be encouraging, and invite a new person into your “inside” friendships… start today!

Who will you reach out to and invite “inside”?

And for whom will you give thanks that you’re already on the “inside”?

If you’re interested, here’s the book – the link is an affiliate link. We saved you a seat - stop fighting to find a way in

Friendship starts with you - Be thankful for all the areaswhere you're on the "inside" - now go and invite someone else "inside" also. #friendship




Your Time is the Greatest Investment

Your Time is the Greatest Investment

Time. Investing your time with a child can be the greatest act you do for your future. You won’t see the dividends now. The impact is seen much later.

Consider — who spent time with you as a child? What good memories do you have from that experience?  Pass those memories on…

Parents too!

No matter how hard the day (or night), or how many times you’ve put together that Duplo/Lego, or cleaned up after an old-fashioned board-game, your time is worthwhile when it’s invested in your child. Even a few minutes are good for that child. The minutes add up to hours… and hours together are a great investment.

The memories you’re making together are never wasted. It might feel futile now, but it’s not. Really.

Grow through. Love. Learn. Laugh.

Grow through. Love. Learn. Laugh.

Grow through. Every age and every stage is just that – a time that will pass.

Sure, it’s not comfortable but it won’t remain. You’re going to become accustomed to this new challenge. You’re going to find solutions and short-cuts. You’re going to continue to grow through till every test is no longer a threat.

If you’re struggling at a certain stage, then embrace the struggle. Just like the seed that needs to break through the ground and reach for the sun, we all need to grow till we blossom.Use some laughter, some learning and some love to continue to grow.

You can do it. I can do it. We all can make the growth happen, and help each other along the way.

You’re going to keep changing. For parents, this is as true as their children.

As a parent, we continue to change and grow as much as our children. Parents of newborns are very different from parents of teenagers.

Remember when we first held the little bundle in our arms? Even if they only weighed less than ten pounds, our arms became tired after a bit. Fast forward a year or so, and that toddler now weighed in the double digits, and yet we could lift them up and didn’t really notice the weight.

If we were so blessed as to hold another newborn, that little babe felt so feather-light we wondered if there really was a tiny human bundled up in our arms. The difference between newborn and toddler was great, but we grew stronger as our little ones grew bigger.

3 ways to grow through:

Grow through – love through it, learn through it and laugh through. 

Grow in love. Love makes a difference in every situation we need to grow through. Love without prerequisite or condition. Read through 1Corinthians 13:4-8 and replace your name with the word “love”, to see how you’re doing.

Grow in learning. Never stop learning. For every challenge, there is something new to learn. It doesn’t need to be book learning, although books are always a good resource. Reach out to those who have encountered your situation in the past and moved forward. They’ll have something good to share.

Grow in laughter. Laughter is good medicine. “A merry heart does good, like medicine...” And if you can’t laugh, then find your smile, at the very least. While reading through a parenting book, I happened on a paragraph where the experts recommended making a game out of a chore. Even in mundane tasks around the house the parent and child could have some fun. That thought stuck with me. Why can’t we take that bit of parenting advice and use it for all of us, at every age and stage? There has to be some way to find the laughter as we grow through. Ask yourself, “What’s humorous about this?” You might surprise yourself…

Grow through.

Love, learning, and laughter will help you grow through. Every challenge brings us closer to the people we were meant to be.



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