Each morning you wake up is another chance to get “it” right. 

Another chance to get “it” right… What’s “it”?

Maybe it’s what you consume?

  • drink tall glasses of sparkling, fruit infused water and pass on those sugar-sweet sodas…
  • crunch on some vibrant red, green, orange and yellow peppers instead of salty fries
  • savor some slow roasted, savory protein rather than cram a burger down your throat

Today is a good day to make better choices in what we take into our body. You can do it!

 Maybe it’s who you spend time with?

  • your happy friend who always invites you to share a tea and chat
  • that nurturing mother-figure who is silently cheering you on
  • a sibling who might be doing a bit better than you are, but always makes time for you
  • a faith-filled fellow Christ-follower who listens so intently and can share Godly wisdom
  • a co-worker who is always helping others, but is rarely supported by anyone

Today is a good day to invest time with a supportive person – or be one yourself!

Maybe it’s how you move your body?

  • today might be a good day to try that new yoga class
  • it’d be a good day to stroll through the park and take a few deep breaths.
  • wouldn’t it be fun to put on some music and dance? Maybe dance with your child or spouse?

Today is a good day to use your limbs and muscles to move with joy!

Maybe it’s where you put your mental focus?

  • sign up for that class in that subject you’ve always wanted to learn
  • reach out to ask a mentor for some career advice
  • send out some thank-you cards to your best clients
  • open up that computer document and write the next words in your book or poem
  • read a good book and be inspired!

Today is good day to focus the brain you’ve been using in new and better ways!

Go out and get “it” – another chance to get it right!

Yes, you can do it. Chances are you’ve done it before… right?

Today is a new day. Another day you’ve woken up with a whole set of opportunities… grab them.

(Go ahead – pin this image to remind yourself!)

Each morning you wake up is another chance to get it right - positive thanksliving



Lori Ferguson is an optimist. She’s married to Robert and they have three adult children and one grandboy. They’ve been crossing off their bucket-list items, including a few years living and traveling in an RV. Lor’s the author of “Moving Past Procrastination to a Great Marriage“. You can also find her writing online at EncourageYourSpouse.com